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Features of desk lamps

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Posted on: 05/17/17

Desk lamps could be the best in the table lamps and students, since we work in the night every day, many people would feel it tired about the eyes, nowadays there are two kinds of protecting eye lights, which could not bring much pressure for the eyes, if you like the light, we had better choose the desk lamps, if we use the white fluorescent, that could not be used for long time, at the same time, there is much heat around the fluorescent, the light could be equipped with warm color and cold color.
table lamps

The best student table lamps had better been with the following requirements, there are not flash, radiation, filter blue, which could be adjustable light, at the same time, the light color is very soft, the area is very lighting, there are three prong outlet.

As to the choice of light, there are much data shows, the 25-40 table lights are the most proper, in fact that is not right. As the test, the incandescent could be over 40 cm, the adjustable light could be 220LX, at the same time, the incandescent light could be only 350Lx, which could not reach the rule condition. So if we choose the incandescent light, that is not proper, especially for the long reading books.


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